Monday Chat/Weekend Wrap-Up

Not much went on this past weekend. Just a lot of writing and then doing nothing for the remainder of Sunday afternoon. I could have used a nap but maybe next weekend. The next couple of weekends should be a little more fun. The winter festivals, activities are gearing up so I'm looking forward to that. Had our first snow-fall, of the Fall, Saturday. It was beautiful to wake up to. I did not go out and enjoy it because it's cold and I must be getting old. The cold never bothered me before. Now it seems like I'm cold all of the time. So it was an admire-from-the-window weekend.

Sister wives was good last night. I still don't like how everyone is on Meri's case about whether or not to have a baby. I think, she's done with the baby making. Like her sister said, she's on to a new phase of her life. But I guess we'll see in the upcoming episodes. I do kind of agree with the other wives that Meri's house budget shouldn't be the same as the others. Of course it's not Meri's fault that she didn't have the 8 kids that she wanted but she has to deal with what is. Her household of 2 should not have the same budget as the other one, who has a household of 8. It's simple math. It may not seem fair, but it actually is. Thoughts?

Does anyone watch Welcome To Sweetie Pies? I love that show and all the drama. They're all kind of a hot mess. Some of the people are irritating but it's on Sunday's @ noon, so what else am I going to do. It's my day off. Miss Robbie owner of 3 soul food restaurants, with  her son Tim. His fiance, Jenae & their son Timmy Jr. There's also Miss Robbie's nephew Charles and grandson.

I almost forgot to talk about my guilty pleasure, Ice Loves Coco. I love that show. About the life of rapper/producer/actor Ice T & his wife, Coco. I think most of the reason is to see their cute bulldogs, Spartacus & his son Maximus. Such a cute show!

1st snow of the Fall season!


Till Next time,



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