Monday Chat/Weekend Wrap-up

This was a pretty good weekend & today is going to be a good day. A lot of time with the family, including go to "Christmas on the Farm", at our local animal farm. It was pretty good but I wish I had at least gone on the website beforehand, because I didn't even think about all of the activities that were available.

There was face painting but my little cousin didn't get to participate because we didn't know about it beforehand. There were several other activities, such as clowns, outdoor fire pits, etc. Although I have to say, the clown had a very aggressive and loud voice. If I were a small child, he would have scared the crap out of me. Just saying.

The activity that I was really disappointed about not being able to participate in was the horse drawn carriage. We didn't see it until we were leaving the park. I wanted to go back but my mom pointed out the long-ass line and I said "forget it, it's too damn cold". If I had known about the horses we would have been there since 10 am. Oh well, next year, maybe.

Sunday was pretty chill, the opposite of Saturday. Even the weather was opposite. Raining all day & very mild. Light jacket weather. I didn't even check my email, which is big for me. The day didn't pass too quickly or too slowly. I enjoyed Welcome To Sweetie Pies & Ice Loves Coco. My guilty but not-so-guilty-because-I'm-telling-you-all, pleasures.

I made Butter Chicken for Sunday night dinner. Really good but I remembered, in the process, why I just buy the sauce. I forgot how long & tedious the process is. Don't get me wrong, it's good but damn! I'll post the recipe soon.

Butter Chicken


Enjoy the pics!

Mama donkey
Mama miniature horse


Mama & baby llama. She's almost as big as her mom.
The Kid, he was very loud
The fancy chicken


Till next time,


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