Monday Dose of Market: Toothache Plant and Tomato Reprieve

It’s snowing in Denver. Again.  This is not helping my portrayal of this city to friends afar as a place where it does snow, but always warms up and melts soon after.  It is helping me stay inside and get our new house organized.   And I’m finally cooking meals in the kitchen.  Last night I had a Colorado-raised, grass-fed beef burger.  With a juicy, red, ripe, perfect, pesticide-free and locally grown tomato from Honeyacre Farm.  Thank you Honeyacre. 

I thought I’d had my last local tomato after the Cornucopia of Local Market.  But this is it.  Really.  Honeyacre is pulling up their tomatoes in preparation to replant.  Their new crop will be ready for Whole Foods in April, and back at market in May.  Sigh. 

These pictures are from the Winter Farmers’ Market and Holiday Gift Show presented by the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets.



IMG_5098           IMG_5100

Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce had, well, seeds and produce.  Their seeds are specially suited to the Colorado region.


I bought a packet of Lime Basil seeds.  I’ve never heard of Lime Basil.  But I like limes. And I like basil.  And I have a big sunny window that I’m going to try growing it in.  I hope cats don’t like basil.  It’s my cat’s favorite window.


Here are their tomato seeds.   Principe Borghese, Yellow Taxi, Stupice, and Orange Queen among them.  I’ve never heard of many of these either, but am looking forward to giving some of them a try. 


And then there was the toothache plant!  Apparently if you chew on the  leaves, it has a localized numbing effect.  I could have used this in my waiting room.


Ollin Farms, along with their tables of winter squash, was offering memership in their 2010 Community Supported Agriculture group.

IMG_5057              IMG_5061

And if, like me, you’re still looking for gift ideas.  Here’s one:


Not sure what a CSA is, or interested in finding one in your area?  Check out Local Harvest.

Have a great week!


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