Monday Dose of Market: Two Words. Baby Chicks!!!

Wildfire Farms brought 100 baby chicks to the Denver Urban Homesteading Indoor Market this past weekend.  These future egg-producers are Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Araucanas.  Cute is an understatement.




They had starter kits that included:

Infrared bulb for heat
Lamp to hold bulb


And a Rooster-Proof Guarantee. (If any of the chicks grow up to be roosters, which are illegal in the city, they can be returned to Wildfire Farms.)

While I have dreams of becoming an urban homesteader, I’m thinking about waiting until next year for chickens.  Several chicken activist groups are gearing up to lobby Denver City Council to simplify the chicken laws (and hopefully make it less expensive to keep chickens.)  Not sure what urban homesteading is?  Check out “the original urban homestead” Path to Freedom, and their definition here.

There was lots more to see at the DUH market this week — but the baby chicks stole the show!  More vendor pictures next week…..


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