Monday Mashup: Are Your Favorite TV Shows Really 1980's Deja Vu?


Ever think when watching one of your favorite TV shows that it seems awfully familiar?  You know, that feeling of deja vu where suddenly you are transported back to 1982 and are sitting in your paneled family room on a shag rug eating Jiffy Pop?  It happens to me all the time and it makes me wonder:  Do I love these TV shows now because I already loved them 25 years ago?

Here are my top 5 deja vu mashups:

1.  Serve 1 plate full of Dynasty + a twist of Dallas = Downton Abbey:  Wealthy families, adversarial grand dames, youth gone awry, unplanned pregnancies, untimely deaths, and the treacherous lives of the supremely wealthy. It's all there for our viewing pleasure; the luxurious costumes, sets, and jewels.  The recent addition of Lady Rose to Downton Abbey sealed it for me.  Can't you see it?  She's the new Sammy Jo...

2.  Toss equal parts Three's Company + Friends + Seinfeld = New Girl:  Jess is the modern day Elaine from Seinfeld; funny, feisty and the best friend to three guys. She is also a little bit of Chrissy, the supposed platonic and quirky roommate from Three's Company and she is the "Monica" to Nick's "Chandler" of Friends.  

3.  Stir Thirtysomething = Parenthood:  Ahhhhh the trials and tribulations of couples figuring out their lives and raising kids.  The angst, the relationship issues, the neighborhood.  I could add a bit of Knots Landing to the mix too, but that cul-de-sac was really crazy...

4.  Blend a healthy dose of Barney Miller + a twist of Taxi = Brooklyn 99:  Those crazy ensemble casts in the workplace!  Crazy cops, crazy taxi drivers, and back to crazy cops.

5.  Saute a subtle pinch of Roseanne + a slice of The Cosby Show = Modern Family:  True and relatable insights into family life in a funny, honest and easy to love way.  Roseanne broke boundaries by showing a less than pretty working class family's life, The Cosby Show moved us into the living rooms of a wealthy, professional African American family, and Modern Family shows us the many ways we, in 2014, define "family."  I loved them all.

What were your favorite 80's TV shows and are they part of any modern mashups?


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