Monday Meal Plan, February 11

We did that thing again where we inventoried our chest freezer. It's funny how we put stuff in it and then forget. The discovery this time? Many loaves of bread. They are the kind of bakery loaves that go well with soup and that we used to buy from the 50% off bakery cart in the grocery store before they got rid of the cart. We miss that bakery cart.

It seems I'm having trouble getting through a week without a blank in it. Oh well, we'll figure out Thursday's dinner at some point.

Monday: Soup. We must have some kind of soup in the freezer. And we just discovered we have several loaves of bread in the freezer. So! Soup! (And if there's no soup in the freezer I'll make some. Easy-peasy.)

Tuesday: Pancakes! I haven't decided what kind of pancakes. I think I might be able to pull off some ricotta/lemon/blueberry ones though.

Wednesday: Alfredo and garlicky mushrooms

Thursday: TBD. Currently tempted by the thought of Vietnamese takeout. (Note: We don't celebrate Valentine's Day so no romantic meals here.)

Friday: Biriyani -- we'll be taking a break from pizza Fridays as the fake husband won't be eating meat on Fridays during lent. Unless, of course, we decide to make meatless pizza which we may very well do. Or we may just rock Indian Food Fridays. We've made this biriyani only once before but he thought it was the best biriyani he's had since he was in India. You have to pay close attention to it and the order of adding ingredients but it's worth it. It was really good.

Saturday: Cabbage roll casserole

Sunday: Pulled pork

What are you cooking this week? Will you be making anything special for Valentine's Day?

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