Monday Meal Plan Jan 14

We do really well at our meal plans, except when we don't. This week? We were doing great right up until Saturday. Our Saturday night changed a bunch of times. We would both be home. No, it would just be me at home and I'd order take out. No, both of us would be home! At the end of it we just threw our hands up and said, "Meh!" Then we hopped in the car and went to the grocery store to get a rotisserie chicken, figuring we could at least do something with it. It ended up being part of a meal deal and walked out of there with a chicken, a baguette, a salad and cookies for less than the cost of one of us ordering take out. SCORE! Then we used the leftover chicken the next day to make chicken pot pie. DOUBLE SCORE!

But this leads to a question -- why is it I can go into the grocery store and buy a rotisserie chicken for less than it costs me to buy an uncooked chicken and roast it myself? And when I say less, it's close to half the cost. The raw chickens we looked at were about $2 less than the whole danged meal deal. I don't understand the math on that at all. I'm sure it's some kind of loss-leader to draw people into the store but something about the scope of the price difference really bothers me.

Maybe I'm just noticing this because we've been eating more chicken lately. I cringed when I bought chicken thighs for our meal plan this week. It helped that we got some really great deals on other forms of protein but the price of the chicken still made me say, "Ouch!"

Monday: Poblano, mango and black bean quesadillas. Mangos and avocados were on sale this week so this was a no brainer. I haven't made this oh... in at least a year (maybe more) so I'm really looking forward to it. Tip: If you think you are likely to have leftovers, don't add the avocado to the black bean mixture. It won't keep well. I add the avocado to the quesadillas as I make them since I almost always have a bit of the black bean mixture left.

Tuesday: Marsala chicken pasta. I've been wanted to make this for ages and finally remembered to pick up some marsala.

Wednesday: Lemongrass pork. Yes, again.

Thursday: Just me at home so I'll pull some from the freezer (like some of that chicken pot pie we made Sunday) or scarf down some of the leftovers from the fridge.

Friday: Donair night. Mmmm.

Saturday: We're pull out a beef hash recipe from Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes cookbook.

Sunday: Arroz con pollo from Dinner: A Love Story.

What are you cooking this week?

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