Monday Meal Plan, November 19

We did really good at sticking to our meal plan right up until Saturday when we forgot to take things out of the freezer. We can be forgiven for that though, I think. We were a bit preoccupied with painting the dining room and all our dining room furniture was in the kitchen so it was also a disaster. That said, our well-stocked freezer totally came to our rescue. We pulled some frozen pasta sauce and meatballs out of the freezer, picked up a salad at the grocery store and we were good to go!

This week should be quieter. I will spent the end of the week looking longingly at all my American friend's turkey plans. Mmmm turkey.

Monday 11/19: Turkey burgers with peanut sauce and...something? Possibly broccoli.

Tuesday 11/20: sole fillets (freezer) and rice and beans (freezer)

Wednesday 11/21: Shepherd's pie

Thursday 11/22: Gnocchi (freezer) with some kind of sauce

Friday 11/23: Pizza or chinese take-out

Saturday 11/24: The plan is for crockpot pulled pork but we might be changing if we have friends over for dinner that night. One of them doesn't really eat pork. Maybe beef stew instead? That would be nice after the Christmas parade, right?

Sunday 11/25: Potato leek soup (leeks and stock in freezer)

Now, hit me with your meal plans. And Americans, I want to hear all about your Thanksgiving dinner plans!

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