Monday Meal Plan on Tuesday, February 5

I am so not feeling my meal plan this week, which is why it is late.

Monday: Baked beans. Lee has been asking for baked beans for the last month. This is almost meatless.I'd actually often skip the bacon in this entirely but we have some pancetta in the fridge I need to use.

Tuesday: steaks and potatoes

Wednesday: Vegetarian stew with quinoa and butternut squash - new recipe for us and I need to remember to ask Lee to cut up the squash for me before he goes to work. I always struggle to cube butternut squash and was just going to pick up some pre-cut squash but my grocery store didn't have any. Humbug!

Thursday: leftover/freezer meal

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: I don't know. Something with chicken.

Sunday: I don't know. Maybe something from the freezer. It feels like we've been stocking away a lot of meals lately and it's probably time to pull some out.

Lee has recently asked that we add more veg-based meals to our menu. I say veg-based rather than full out vegetarian because sometimes we use chicken stock (because we have it, and we don't have vegetable stock at the moment) or we use a bit of bacon for flavouring. I'm surprised to find I'm struggling with this a bit. No, not because we are so meatatarian but because I'm still trying to mix things up. I've discovered that our veg-based meals are frequently bean burritos, cheese enchiladas, chana masala and well, pretty much anything involving black beans in some form. Or some kind of pasta dish. There's nothing wrong with any of those, but if those are the main dishes I make, I'm going to get tired of them real quick if we're making veg-based meals two times a week.

One of my ten goals for February is to try four new veg-based meals so I'm on the hunt for meal ideas. If you have a favourite, please share!

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