Monday Morning

Monday Morning. Kids have all gone to school.I'm left sitting at the corner of the couch. Feeling the chills of the breeze that comes through the slightly open window.

No noise but the sound of my keyboard as I search,type and see what has happened since my last check in.

Monday Morning. Start of a new week. So many things that need to be done but nothing has even started. Not even my Coffee. Maybe the Caffeine will help wake me up.

Monday Morning. Tired. Thinking the same thing I always do each morning. How can I make this work. How can I bring an income. Now seriously in need of that coffee.

Monday Morning. Filled with what can and what I haven't done thoughts. Filled with did I give in that application in. Just so we can get extra help.

Monday Morning. Means a new promise. Today is the start of a new month does it means today has extra powers?

Monday Morning although with all the struggles on my shoulders thankful to have this corner on my couch to have these thoughts. Persevere  is what I must do after all Monday only last 24 hrs.






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