Monday Musings (7/2/12): Vida Vegan Con, green smoothies, and bovine bone use in oral surgery

This summer I thought it might be fun to try out some Monday musings – where I post about nothing in particular but perhaps of interest.

  • I’m registered for Vida Vegan Con 2013!  Registration opened yesterday – I had pop-up and email reminders working overtime at 2:45 so that I wouldn’t miss the 3:00 pm EST early bird registration frenzy.  Why all the excitement? The first 100 tickets were available for $200 (regular price is $280).  So, how did it work out for me? Turns out I refreshed the webpage just enough to buy the very first ticket!  You may be thinking, “what exactly is Vida Vegan Con?”  It’s the best conference I have ever attended! To be more specific, it’s a conference for vegan lifestyle bloggers.  I learned so much about veganism, vegan activism, and blogging last year. The 2013 conference, back in vegan food truck heaven Portland, OR, will be held in May. Will I see you there? Register today!
  • My husband has decided to eat vegan on Mondays and vegetarian two other days each week. What’s the big deal? He’s an omnivore! He plans to keep track of what he’s eating to see how it impacts his triathlon training, which should be interesting.  To celebrate, I made us an awesome vegan, green smoothie to share this morning (he loved it).

Almond milk, romaine lettuce, dark chocolate peanut butter with dried cherries, frozen fruit (banana, mango and raspberries)

  • Last week I shared a dental story on Facebook. The comments were so, so fascinating. Here’s what I shared.There were over 30 comments on this post. If you’re so inclined, go to my Facebook page and scroll down to read them all. I did want to share one from my good friend Ethan, who always gives me much to consider. [click to continue…]

JL Fields, a vegan lifestyle coach, writes the blog JL goes Vegan and writes/edits the community blog Stop Chasing Skinny.