Monday Warmth

This morning the alarm went off at 7am as usual. As usual I hit the snooze till 7:10am. Then I just turned it off altogether and laid back in bed with the lights on. 7:30, 7:52, 8:15, 8:33 - finally up. It was one of those mornings you could feel the coldness seeping through the walls and antique single pane windows. The floors were cold and it felt like the radiators hadn’t been on in a while.

But, if I want to keep that beautiful single Rittenhouse apartment I do all of this sleeping in - I’ve got to get up and get myself to work. Nevertheless, I’d like to keep that oh so comfortable warm feeling and hold on to the relaxing weekend vibe for as long as possible today.

To meditate on and clear my mind:


To sketch to warm up the imagination:

It’s true. I enjoy browsing fonts online and sketching them. Coming up with my own phrases to fit the curves of the letters and imagining I am a font designer in Paris or something equally romantic.

What I wish I was wrapped up in at the moment:

And of course there a lot of this in hand:

Wishing you a warm Monday!

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