Giving Is Down, but What Does That Mean?

It doesn't need sugar-coating. The economy has made life difficult and different for families all over the country in all kinds of ways. We've seen blog posts about budgeting, cutting out unnecessary spending and going without extras. But the recent news that charitable giving has dropped 100 billion is a big indicator that we're all cutting back. Everywhere on everything. ...more

I enjoyed reading your article as I can really relate to the topic. My husband and I have been ...more

Living on a Budget

Money is a big issue in marriage. It's especially difficult when each spouse has been brought up completely different. Matt and I have worked hard to see the other person's point of view in this area and (so far) have managed to avoid many arguments. Ultimately, we realize that our money belongs to the Lord and we pray about money decisions. This has really allowed us to come to conclusions together without one winning or losing....more

5 Stupid Things You Can Do With Your Money

Surely there are more than 5 stupid things you can do with your money, but I'd be writing forever.  1. Ignore it. I know many adults who are still intimidated by the terms finance, budget, and fiscal.  I'm still a little hazy on fiscal.  It's all too common that people avoid thinking about their finances altogether.  If you ignore your yard, it's still going to grow.  One day you'll look outside and realize that it's a jungle out there.  A little, consistent maintenance over time can result in a yard you can be proud of (the yard is a metaphor for your finances, smooth, I know). ...more

I guess I should pay more attention to my money, and my ATM card! LOL!more

5 Fixed Expenses: Keep Them Low for Financial Flexibility

Keeping your fixed expenses low is the quickest and most sustainable way to live within your means, save for big-ticket items such as retirement and college tuitions, and prepare for financial emergencies. What are fixed expenses? ...more

Good advice--I've often wondered if our cell phone plan is worth it; especially because I only ...more

Financial Crisis or Road to Recovery? Blogger Danielli's Money (Part I)

She has a good income, heinous debt, she's planning her wedding and -— oops! -— her fiancé just quit his job. Danielli wants off the financial rollercoaster, but how? Read her story. ...more

Contest for Membership at FamZoo - Fun Financial Management for Families

I have previously written about how important it is to prepare our children, especially once they become teens, to money management. Since schools don't teach this, we must. I recently tried out a new program called FamZoo and think it is a wonderful way for parents and their children, tweens or teens to work together to learn about saving, spending and giving in a fun environment....more

Attempting the Short Sale...


I think you are doing the right thing and best thing in your circumstances. I do get the feeling ...more

Learning how to budget and/or manage your family's finances doesn't have to be so hard.

I don't usually brag about reading personal finance books, cause I don't  actually read them. However, my sister-in-law suggested I read a book called "What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired". Although my husband hasn't been fired (thankfully), she said that it covered some basic concepts about finances and how to manage them without having a degree or background on the subject. I have to admit, the book was really easy to read and had some really fun banter between two very different sisters (they wrote the book)....more

Shady Practices

  I just received the following email from Kendall today.  It's amazing that these type of things can still go on undetected.  Pay close attention ...more

The Many Reasons for Giving and Wearing Symbolic Jewelry

  Your first piece of symbolic jewelry could have been given to you at your Christening or to your mother to mark your birth. Symbolic jewelry represents or signifies a special occasion, accomplishment, celebration to honour someone, achievement, awareness of a cause or stand. Religious medallions, Diploma's Numbers, Sayings, Keys are examples of symbolic pieces of jewelry. Many are engraved with special and personal inscriptions, including the date to commemorate the occasion. ...more