Beauty Secrets for bottom shelf shoppers

Recently over a nonfat pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks my best friend Gina and I started talking about women issues. What makes the language of women universal? ...more

Who's Using A BlackBerry?

That’s not the real question, of course.  We know lots of people who use BlackBerries, including President Obama, and we’ll probably learn during the  wall-to-wall inauguration coverage whether he’ll get to keep his, what with all the security concerns. Switching from a regular cell phone to a BlackBerry is a big decision for me.  Could a BlackBerry be my new tiny dream machine?  Here’s what I hope it’ll do:  Handle most of my communications needs while I travel a lot this year. ...more

Inaugural Mama: How Michelle Obama could change Motherhood in America

On the day of President Obama’s inauguration, when everyone in the world is eagerly anticipating stirring speeches and sparkly dresses, I can’t stop thinking about the First children—Malia Ann and Sasha Obama.  ...more

No New Stuff, No Good

As you may or may not know, I made a New Year's Resolution not to buy any new stuff for the entire year for myself and my family, except for of course food and toiletries.  I am two weeks into it and have come to some startling conclusions.  For one, it is not that hard, and I really enjoy it. ...more

Free Magazine (not so secret) Secrets

Free magazines?Really?You don't pay a dime?Never even get a bill? YES, YES, YES and YES! It sounds almost too good to be true, but if you look at all my "Mailbox Mondays" over the last few months, you'll see photo after photo of my FREE magazines that arrive every week. When I first heard about free magazines, I was hesitant. I didn't believe it....had to be a gimmick. After a while, I decided to try it once. I waited.....and a magazine showed up in my mailbox. Never received a bill. ...more

I read so many magazines (12 right now I think). Many I read are from free offers. These are ...more

Planning for your 2009 Financial Plan (sounds redundant but OH SO helpful)

Welcome to the End of the Year! That magical time when it's recommended that you begin looking at your finances in preparation for the new year and tax time. But, if you're anything like me, you'd rather spend that time watching 30 Rock reruns and behaving as if the IRS is in some building next to Narnia. Unfortunately the IRS is a real place. I've actually seen it with my own eyes and received a letter from them about owing them a surprising amount of money that I quickly had framed after I came to of course. ...more