Credit Card vs. Debit Card Fraud

One difference between a credit card and a debit card is that if there’s an unauthorized charge on your credit card, you just get a little sting. It’s a hassle to straighten out. But no money is taken from you....more

Negotiate Credit Card Fees Like a Banker

Have you ever gotten that dreaded notice? You know, the one that reads something to the tune of:“Dear Ms. _________, we have not received your payment for your credit card this month. A late payment of $25 has been charged to your account as a late fee. Please send in your payment plus the late fee promptly.”If you’re like me, those notices make my heart sink. I feel like I’ve just donated $25 to a cause I didn’t want to participate in.I had not seen one of those notices in a long, long time (in my college days, I saw them far more often than I’d like to admit to).Until yesterday.    {Sigh}Credit image:  Missus Martian on Flickr ...more

Seriously??? Capital One is trying to pull the Bad Economy Card on me.

This is a huge departure from what I normally write about on this blog, but this is just so outrageous, I can not possibly let it go unnoticed.Guess what credit card company is blaming the economy for their fleecing of it's customers?...more

10 credit score truths and myths

If your personal information gets compromised, a thief will open up financial accounts in your name. However, they will not pay the bills, and this will ruin your credit.Whether bad credit results from the legitimate credit holder’s irresponsibility or from identity theft, your ability to buy a car, rent a nice place, purchase a home or even get employment can be severely stifled....more


I have become a stay at home mom recently.  Now every purchase in my house has come under scrutiny.  I chose to stay home so I knew I had to tighten my spending to make our ends meet.  In just over a month I have managed to rack up about $1000.00 in credit card bills. Mind you not alone, my husband has added to that, automobile gas, trips to the hardware store....more

Avoid Unwanted Credit Card Charges

I think it’s safe to say that all credit card charges are unwanted, but today I’m talking about so-called “grey charges”—those out-of-the-blue credit card charges that sneak up on us and require our time, attention, persistence and aggravation to get rid of. A study by BillGuard shows the average dollar amount lost by grey charges is around $356.00per consumer annually....more

Bank of America Update: Why blogging and contacting Consumer Affairs matter

In today's world, it really seems like speaking up is a pointless exercise of futility.  We receive terrible customer service and we say nothing.  A company cheats us or discriminates against us and we do nothing.  We've become jaded about our world, feeling helpless when what feels like the inevitable injustice comes our way.  Why speak up if nothing good can come of it. ...more

A Tip to the Graduating Class of 2012

It was the start of my first semester in college and I was being led by my friend into my University's on-campus bank to apply for a credit card.  "You'll find that you can't live without it.  It's soooo convenient.  It's better than having cash!" she excitedly exclaimed. ...more
As students we need to educate ourselves about money. A lot of people may be completely unaware ...more

How Necessary Are Credit Cards?

When I was 20 I worked at a large bank in their credit department. All day long I stared at the balances and payments due on the loans, mortgages, and credit cards of the members of this bank. I had the unfortunate honor of sending out collections letter, fielding phone calls from members whose cards had been declined, and making sure their payments posted to their accounts....more
In about 6 weeks, we will make our last revolving credit card debt payment through a credit ...more

Are You Worried About New Debit Card Fees?

I'm like a lot of Americans, I think. I whip out my debit card here and there when I feel I can get away with it, which is a good chunk of my time. Part of me thinks it’s a bottomless well of money I can always reach into. Well, my bank account, that is. Yeah, it’s not a healthy line of thinking, I know....more
If I'm already paying a bank fee for account services then what right do they have to charge for ...more