10 Odd Places to Find Coupons

Couponing saves so much money and honestly I have gotten out of the habit of it. I am jumping back into the game as I get ready to double my household size through foster care. Getting coupons is more than just looking through the Sunday Inserts. Here are some uncommon places to find coupons that you might not of thought of....more

How to not only Survive but THRIVE one ONE Income

Life as a mom is a vicious cycle of mommy-guilt, time management accountability which turns into justification of time and much more. Stay-at-home-mom's are {sometimes} jealous of the working mom's and the working mom's are {sometimes} jealous of the stay-at-home-mom's. ...more

5 Money Smart Reasons Why Our Family Says NO to Credit Cards

When Sam and I first got married, we received one of those "Pre-Approved" credit card offers. In big, bold print it said how our credit scores combines were just amazing, and we could get a high line of credit, and it had a free membership, no fees, blah blah blah offer. I hate even saying this, but we fell for it and applied for our first credit card together. ...more

How We Saved Over $1300 A Year on Our Cell Phone Bill

Okay, you guys. This is a HUUUUUGE thing for me. I did a happy dance. Multiple times. Here's why: We used to be paying $207 a month for our cell phones. Outrageous, right? I have been researching and coming up with ideas to cut down our bill, because there had to be a way to make it cheaper! And now.... our bill is $98 a month. Ahem, that's over $100 saved a month! Score. ...more

5 Tips for Sticking to a Frugal Lifestyle

There was a (long) period in my adult life when a frugal lifestyle was a necessity, not a choice. I learned a lot from those lean times, and eventually realized that, regardless of income, there are actually reasons for choosing this lifestyle. Reasons that are about much more than just money....more

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle: doesn't have to be hard or weird!

I would consider myself a minimalist. Maybe not the extreme kind that you've heard of or those families who have an outhouse in their backyard. But in comparison to some, I live a minimalist lifestyle. I don't like clutter. I don't feel that I need to have the latest gadgets and kitchenware. I have no problem parting with clothes and items that hold no use for Hubby and I.  I'm constantly filling bags up for the Salvation Army to pick up. Do all of thoughts and facts make me a minimalist? Not necessarily. I believe that it's a way of life and a conscious thought process....more

Do More With Less

This December, the NaBloPoMo (the what?? see my sidebar for a link. It's a daily blogging challenge) theme is "More-Less"....more

New Ebook Release: 52 Easy Steps to a Frugal New You

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step –Old Chinese Proverb ...more

Don't Pass on Cash!

      We live in a plastic world. Credit cards and debit cards are in good supply, and man o' man are they convenient! No having to dig through your wallet for cash or change. Just swipe it, and go! Also, who wants to worry about carrying cash around? You might lose the money. Well, I can tell you this, you are already losing money, and that little piece of plastic might just be the culprit.  ...more

A 3 lb bag of apples for $3.00, sure! But now what am I going to do with all of these?

On our monthly shopping trip Mr Collier and I picked up a 3lb bag of apples at Aldi for around $3.00. The fruit bowl was filled with a box of clementines we bought for $4.00 so with the addition of the apples we have been literally packed to the brim with fruit. What in the world am I going to do with all of these apples? Sure apples and peanut butter as well as by themselves is delicious but how much of this could we possible eat? ...more