12 Money Rule Ideas For Investing

Money rules are a personal thing. They are your rules. You may have rules you were conditioned with (by parents, teachers, family, peers) and you probably have set some money rules for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no set formula for establishing money rules... especially money rules specific to your investments. This article will give you some ideas for setting your own money rules....more

Hug It Out

Ever heard of the love police?  Check this out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXyOU99ijY4   ...more

It All Adds Up


Pay Yourself First

You’ve heard of paying yourself first, right? When you earn a dollar the first person you pay is you. This concept is generally promoted as a means of saving for retirement or for a rainy day. However, as entrepreneurs we know when we pay ourselves first it is to accumulate assets with the intention of investing to create passive income. There is a huge difference in thinking here. Do you see it?...more


“Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties” Gail Sheehy       ...more

At Your Service

These 3 details are essential to the coaching relationship: The client's agenda The client's desire to be coached The coach's full focus on the client and their agenda. Coaching increases personal adaptability and functionality.   ...more

Drinkin' the Calm Koolaid

Rage. Flying off the handle. Losing it. Buggin'.    ...more

Empowerment At Your Fingertips

What are you experiencing in your life right now? Center yourself and think deeply.   Whatever we experience we either create or accept.   Is there something new you want to create? Is there something you don't want to tolerate any longer?   ...more

Take Me Away!!


All Together Now

Strengthen the balance between your body and brain to connect to and enjoy your personal health. Supply your body with plenty of movement, nutritious food and cleansing water to maintain and build it.   ...more