My day started with a call from a “private” number…

I almost ignored the call, as I'd just dropped off the kids and hurrying to get ready for work. "Is this K-eye-rah?" asked a deep, male voice. Accustomed to the name-slaughter, I almost hung up but answered warily, "Yah." ...more

Time for a sleeping Pill and some juice

Today was going pretty good. It was my first FULL day (8 hours ) on cam in awhile.  All my customers seemed happy to have me back. Hell even I was happy to be back to a point. I did a lot of shows took a lot of calls. Then I got a booking for a one hour boy/girl show. Great!!! I text the mr and asked what time he was getting off work so I would be sure to accept the booking for the correct time. ok The time is set the show is booked. The guy gets his show and wants ANOTHER. ROCKIN!!! So we do another show. Then he wants ANOTHER!! ...more

DOW Plunges, Jen... Cheers?

Call me crazy but I think it's exciting when the DOW drops really low. It's similar to the feeling of an impending storm. There is electricity in the air. People start to wonder. How bad will it be? What's going to happen? Will it change life as I know it? I find all these questions to be exhilarating, even if the answers might be negative. Some of it also has to do with my love of breaking records. For example, I despise winter, but if we have a super cold day that breaks the record low for that day, well then it's worth it. ...more

Take your hardship and shove it!!!

Capital One just sent me a letter, first telling me they value me as a customer just before they told me because of economic hardship they are increasing my interest rate to a variable of 22.95%. Hardship?!! You Mother F--ers!! You just got bailed out and your CEO's walked away with a fortune and your putting the strain on me because you have investors that can't lose a few million dollars. I hope you burn in hell you little pricks.  ...more

Despite my best efforts to Tivo everything in advance so I can fast forward through every ...more

Best of Weeks, Not So Best of Weeks

The best: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was the first bill signed into law by President Barack Obama. This photo says, better than a thousand words, the joy of this step forward for gender equality in compensation. That's Lilly, the blonde in the middle (I won't identify by her red jacket because it seems Senators Barbara Mikulski and Olympia Snowe and Rep.Eleanor Holmes Norton also got the memo). ...more

Is Your 401(k) Going to Take a Shot? Starbucks Slashes Employee Matches

Have you heard the news? Starbucks is cutting its 401(k) match. The coffee giant isn’t alone: Fed Ex and Motorola said they’ll freeze contributions for now, and I’m sure more will come. I know, it’s a surprise to a lot of us. After all, the Seattle-based Starbucks made its reputation on great benefits, in addition to great coffee (although opinion is certainly divided on that). So, my friends, no, this is not great news. And this is further proof that this is not a great economy — for you, for companies, for our international competitiveness. ...more

Bank of America: Ethics? We don’t need no stinking ethics.

I am not a mathematician. I am not an accountant. It is not easy for me to manage my finances, but I try very, very hard. And because of this challenge, I take great pride in being able to maintain my accounts and pay bills on time. (*knocks on wood*) Occasionally I make mistakes. And the bank is always quick to penalize me for them. And today, I admit my mistake. And the bank was quick to penalize me. And keep on penalizing me. ...more

Get Clear on Your 2009 Financial Goals

I started off the year writing about why our New Year's Resolutions often fail. That doesn't have to be the case - you CAN do it different this year. When it comes to money, one of the reasons we often fall short of our financial goals is that we are not clear. If you're not clear on what you want, why you want it, and what steps you are going to take to get there then you are simply hanging out in the wading pool of wishful thinking. Can you answer the following questions about your finances: ...more

Thank you both for the great "getting organized" tips. I have a multi folder ...more

What are the roadblocks to successful money management?

They aren't necessarily roadblocks but obstacles could be a kinder, gentler word. One that doesn't raise the blood pressure for an already weakened heart after the credit card balance and checking account balance pas de deux. ...more

Nice post. I totally relate. I've stopped going to Target because it sucks me dry when I stop in ...more