Halloween Street: Daly Ave, Park City, Utah

Halloween in Park City, Utah, is not a holiday to be trifled with. Perhaps you remember the Halloween Hoards of 2013 or Halloween 2014: The Candy Apocalypse. Evidence of our Halloween enthusiasm is present throughout town, but for me, Daly Ave. in Old Town shines the brightest. Some homes are adorable and charming....more

3 Reasons You Should Buy Your Own Home

Except you live under the rocks, you should have come across one of the many debates online (and even offline) on whether it’s better to buy a house or to just rent one. Obviously, the debates aren’t ending anytime soon and each side of the divide has some valid arguments.But me? I’ve always been an advocate of buying your own house....more

Big Views and Fancy Fixtures at a Preserve Estate

Have I mentioned how lovely fall in Park City is? The air–if it can be so–is crisper. The light is warm and rosy and lays sideways in the afternoons. The leaves are golden across the valley. And let’s just say evening open house event attendance is quite high because who wouldn’t want to drink in as many moments of this as you possibly could:...more

View Had Me Like Whoa: 7815 Falcon Ct in Park City, Utah

I frequently see homes upwards of $5M that are terrible. (The Mo’ Money principle.) The higher the price tag, often the more specific the home and the less agreeable it will be to a larger number of people. You can see why: if you’re going to own a home that expensive it’d better be exactly the way you want it....more

Metal artichokes and anthropomorphism: Open House Rundown 8/19/15

So every Wednesday is Open House Tour day. All 1,000 or so agents of the Park City  (Utah) Board of Realtors have the chance to hold their properties open for the other agents (and clients or visitors). Here are the features that caught my attention when I toured. If you’d like to come with me or receive the open house report every week, send me a quick email! Clicking on the images will bring you to the listing for as long as it’s still for sale. And for more of what I saw, visit my Flickr Open House album....more

Vermont Real Estate 2014 Overview

Another year is almost at its end and we’re trying to get an idea about the real estate market in Vermont. Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Vermont’s total land area measures 9,609 square miles, including 333 square miles of water area. All year round, you have magnificent scenery and lots of activities to choose from, from trekking to skiing.Overall 2014 tendencies...more

9 Ways to sell your House safely

Selling your house can spell a lot of trouble whether you do it yourself or hire a real estate agent. Agents have little training on safety and security and home owners even less so. Here are safety tips....more

Real Estate Agent a Professional Burglar

Does the profession of real estate sales turn someone into a burglar, or, does a burglar one day realize, “Hey, I can make off like a bandit if I sell homes!”?Ray Glen Greene, 49, was a real estate agent in Cobb County, Georgia, who’d use his agent keycode to get into houses and steal valuables. He was sentenced to 20 years....more

Millionaire: No. 2 in a LMK series; 'Books and Money'.

You have to admit, 'Millionaire', is quite a catchy title for a book on Real Estate investment; as is the promise that it contains '170 Incredible Investment Insights guaranteed to boost your property profits'. ...more

5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

My husband and I have made a big decision— we’re selling our condo! I’m lucky that my father is a Realtor, so that process is easy. But the condo market  is tough, especially given our location. Being marketers, and growing up with a real estate agent father, I know that you only get one shot at a good first impression. I remember looking for condos three years ago, and it astounded me how awful some of the photos were. After choosing some places that looked decent, we were shocked yet again to find a stark contrast between the pristine photos and unkempt property we visited....more
MommyKerrie Paint is such an easy change, that makes a big difference! Best of luck with selling ...more