Wealthstake: Real Estate Investing.

Do you know what the term "Real Estate Investing" represents? According to  Investopedia.com, this is a process that involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit.  ...more
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The Best Characteristics of Real Estate Agents


Get your hands on the best Greenwich real estate for sale!

Property and real estate have always been the best type of long-term investment. The profit margins that one can make through investment in property and real estate are immense. Looking for property in the New York city or surrounding areas such as the New England and Greenwich has always been a great option because it not only helps to earn profits for business dealers but also is an intelligent choice for personal residence. Greenwich has always been a major part of the NYC and New England territory that has had some remarkable property to offer to the people....more

2 Best States to Invest in Real Estate

Fake Realtor scams Children and their Parents

Ever peruse Craigslist for a new home? Nothing against Craigslist for doing that, but that’s where Coty Houston and David Yost happened to find a very alluring four-bed home for sale; looked perfect for their five young kids....more

Nice (Furniture) Package

When you’re buying homes to live in full time, you typically furnish those homes over time. You may have your grandmother’s buffet, the end tables you bought in California, the new dining room table. And as you move you buy or sell pieces to fit your needs and tastes. When you buy a vacation or investment home in a different area, odds are SO VERY GOOD that you aren’t going to bother with shipping things out to furnish it....more

Someone Point Me to the Greenest Grass

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Halloween Street: Daly Ave, Park City, Utah

Halloween in Park City, Utah, is not a holiday to be trifled with. Perhaps you remember the Halloween Hoards of 2013 or Halloween 2014: The Candy Apocalypse. Evidence of our Halloween enthusiasm is present throughout town, but for me, Daly Ave. in Old Town shines the brightest. Some homes are adorable and charming....more