Too old for latge nights

In my mid-50′s, I find it frustrating that I really miss my straight eight hours of sleep.I know as you get older, they claim you need less sleep. Last night we got in and were in bed by eleven o’clock.The problem there is Jim is wired up worried about taxes getting done this week, and other things, so he came down to bed at 3a.m., which was the end of my sleep.I can drink coffee until the cows come home but cutting me off at the knees at three a.m.,well, I just killed a can of V8 because I am too apprehensive to do red bull**vision of heart palpitations **...more

Warning: Don't Be Scammed Into Overpaying Your Taxes

There is a new and very frightening scam out there to get you to pay even more of your hard earned dollars to the IRS.  Unfortunately, I have learned of the reality of this scam because I’m the recipient of a letter from the IRS demanding I pay $2, 226 additional taxes based on an inaccurate Schedule 1099-C filed from a less than reputable company....more

Time is Running Out: How to Motivate Yourself to do Your Taxes

We’re in the home stretch here with only a couple of weeks between now and April 15th left to get our taxes filed and submitted in. And with that impending deadline comes the sudden ability to revert back to our high school tendencies of putting off that final paper until the night before, or, on occasion, morning of its due date. Though we’d like to think our juvenile school habits are behind us, tax season can be the perfect excuse to procrastinate like it’s 1994....more

Checking emails on the toilet: we all do it!

I get asked this a lot. Bottom line (no pun intended) you can't be sitting in your office and on the toilet at the same time. Calculate the size of your office VS the size of your home, and that' the percentage of all household expenses that is allowable for business! Get more info at :) ...more

How to Get Organized Fast for Tax Season

Welcome to March Madness AKA the month that many a small business owner, entrepreneur, and freelancer will spend frantically diving through months of receipts, documents, and additional necessary paperwork to get organized to file their business taxes in April. While the expectation here is that all documents have been some filed accordingly throughout the year, the reality is usually a bit more scattered....more

Those Cute Little Write-Offs: How Your Family Really Affects Your Taxes

I remember seeing those cute little onesies around the time my daughter was born: Tax Write-Off. And yes, your kid is one -- for a while. But what about your disabled mother who doesn't live with you? Should your child file her own tax return? What about that 529 plan? I can hear you screaming and rending your clothes from here, you know. ...more
The Frugal Girl  I used H&R Block. I got a little stuck on my K-1, which had an amount in a box ...more

Spend Less Save More; Health, Finances and 2014 Taxes

With the beginning of each year we tend to be thinking of finances and the shape of ours, taxes and for some New Year resolutions to improve both our finances and health....more

Self-employment taxes demystified: can you lower them for 2014?

If you make a living as a self-employed sole proprietor, tax time probably makes you wonder where so much of your hard-earned money goes. Freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors are usually shocked the first time they’re hit with the self-employment tax. ...more

Marriage: Still A Pretty Awesome Idea!

Editor's Note: This post is being featured along with a post that makes the case against marriage. We wanted to present two different opinions about whether or not marriage is still relevant, important, and valuable today. We hope it sparks engaging conversation - Feminista Jones...more
Thank you... I do see all those benefits. I also see huge tax benefits for me not being married. ...more

Tax Series #6: You mentioned bunching of itemized deductions—I want in! Tell me how!

This is the last post in our tax series (see rest of series here)! Not going to lie-- as much as we love taxes, Lisa and I were really just trying to power through this tax series so we could build up our reference (read: slightly less exciting) material before we do our first giveaway (as in, before people really start reading our blog). ...more