Money Saving Tip #5: Veg Out

All you vegetarians out there will rejoice with this money saving tip.
Remember how my second tip included eating at home?

Well, why not go vegetarian for one night?

We all know meat is expensive. At the grocery store, around here, we can get a 3 pack of chicken breasts for around $8. That will last for about 1 meal for a normal sized family.

With $8 per meal in chicken, if you go meatless 1 time per week, 4*8= $32/month.
I know ground beef is a little cheaper, but still more expensive than other, non meat ingredients.
So, with that $32/month * 12 months/year = $384/year in money saved from something you didn't really need anyway. & Personally? I'd rather give up dead animal 56 times per year than give up my latte 100 times a year, if I wanted to save that kind of dough.

Also, a lack of red meat is better for you. So it's a win win.

Please note: If you do plan on taking this course, add protein to your meal so that you are not lacking the nutritional value that the meat would have given you. Good sources of protein include rice, beans, lentils, cheese, tofu, etc.

If you make something with rice & beans, you'll never miss the meat. Mexican is great vegetarian, as is Indian food, or meatless chili!

I personally don't eat much meat at all, so my grocery cost are extremely cheap week to week.


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