The Monkey on Our Back and Thorn in Our Side


Many years have been leading up to this very moment, and my excitement has been more than I could stand. Our large rental storage space that has been housing our valuable junk and worldly possessions for more than 13 years—far too long, and roughly fifty-thousand dollars just flushed down the toilet since—is finally empty! With space to spare, here on the new property we’ve recently moved to, we have been able to alleviate a 13-year burden, the monkey on our back and thorn in our side have been removed. I need to shout a loud Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!

storage unit

Image Credit: karmadude on Flickr

We’d been married a good many years already—busy raising a family and making memories; accumulating cherished mementos and household collectibles—when we were one-day suddenly side-swiped and knocked off our feet. My husband had been laid off. His job of 15 years was no longer. The domino effect of jobs being lost in the Silicon Valley had begun, and we were hit and severely affected. Suffice it to say, we fell into a fast spinning whirlpool after my husband lost his job, and consequently we then lost our 5-bedroom dream home of 11 years. A home we’d watch built from scratch.

A few short years later, when we were just beginning to get our feet firmly planted, we were hit again. Another job lost! Loss of income then meant we’d have to move yet again. We would see this happen a few times over, over the next 13 years.

When things began to fall apart, we naturally couldn’t just throw everything that’d become near-and-dear to us away. So we put them in storage for safekeeping. We lived with the hope that one day we’d get back on our feet, and finally have a place to house all of our precious collectibles again.

They say that “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” but for us holding on to our self-made treasure also meant holding on to hope! Without hope we cease to exist. And so we waited, and continued waiting, the whole time keeping the faith. And house or no house we continued the monthly payments for keeping storage, fees that were ever increasing, yearly!

Besides, in the on-going effort to “go green,” we are limited to what we can actually just throw away. And taking our so-called “garbage” to the dump can add up in dollar charges. But we will now do our part in consideration to the environment, by separating what really is garbage and what can be given to the Goodwill stores and the Salvation Army.

Well, we still do not own a home today, but we are finally able to bring our belongings Home, for all that Home is worth. We’ll open our boxes that have been taped shut for many years and once-again hold and admire our heart’s little treasures, each with a memory and a date and a story to share with our children.

Another plus to this joyous moment, money back in our pocket to put in savings!

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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