Monkey see. Monkey do.

It’s incredible what a few rays of sunshine and temperatures just above 0°C can do after the longest winter ever. It’s as though we were living in Game of Thrones and instead of winter is coming it was all winter won’t go the *bleep* away. Overly long seasons hamper a Canadian’s ability to engage in scintillating conversation. There are only so many times we can say, “Dude, did you see the snow yesterday,” before even we tire of the monotony.

Spring has sprung. Suddenly we’re quick to smile and even wave at drivers who cut us off. The aroma of thawing dog poop wafts through the windows we’ve thrown wide so that the fresh air can cleanse the staleness of winter still lingering in the corners. Men take to the street wearing shorts and sandals and women don open toe wedges and sundresses. Dude, it’s 5°C. Practically beach season.

With the birds trilling and the memory of -20°C receding as quickly as labour pains do – which we know is a coping mechanism to fool us into going through it again, and yet we fall for it – I almost feel like skipping through a meadow. The nearest meadow is still a mud pit, and skipping while wearing Bogs will end with me flat on my face, so I’ll do the next best thing and go for a run.

I love spring runs. It’s a pleasure to peel off the winter layers and finally feel like I can move my legs properly. I have more energy and end up singing along to my song mix as I run.

What’s really got me smiling though is that this morning my son declared that he was trying out for his school’s newly formed cross-country team. That followed seeing the excitement on my daughter’s face yesterday when she told me she completed 5k during a training run at her school. She’s training for the upcoming Francourse. The Francourse is a race that I have a hand in organizing every year, and this year – our 6th – will see us welcoming 3300+ children grades 1 through 6 who are just itching to cross the finish line and receive their medals.

Somehow I’m raising runners and that makes slogging through winter runs worthwhile. Monkey see. Monkey do.

Kat @ jackstrawlane


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