Monochromatic Autumn Knits

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It’s hard to not rethink your wardrobe after attending New York Fashion week. One trend on the runways I noticed for Spring/Summer 2013: monochromatic outfits, mostly all white, or all black, but also red, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver … You get the picture.

I’m always searching for new ways to wear knits in the fall, so I was eager to experiment with making a monochromatic aesthetic work with my current autumn wardrobe.

Here are three outfits -- in green, gold, and red -- that I’m taking for a test drive.

The easiest way to get a look that works is to wear an eye-catching dress. The best thing about knits is how they hug your curves.

horiz_gr_mai_vf full_gr_mai_vf close_gr_mai_vf

Wearing leggings in fall's metallics are another way to bring the one-color knit look into your wardrobe.

horiz_gold_mai_vf full_gold_mai_vf close_gold_mai_vf

Consider also wearing a matching accessory (like hat, scarf, or gloves) or wearing shoes to give the outfit some extra "wow.”

full_horiz_mai_vf full_mai_vf closeup_mai_vf

What do you think? Do you wear monochromes? Will you?

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