Have you ever had toasted ravioli before?

Have you ever had toasted/fried ravioli before? I don't see it on menus very often, but it's sometimes offered as an appetizer at Italian restaurants or pizzerias. And it's amazing. (Then again, it's deep fried pasta filled with cheese. Of course it's awesome!) When I came home to find a shipment of Monterey Gourmet Foods™ ravioli and pesto to play with, it took me about 2 seconds to decide what I wanted to do with it....more

10 minute dinner anyone?

Pasta is a weakness of mine. Okay, good food in general is a weakness of mine but especially pasta. I adore making it by hand but sometimes, sadly, I don't have the time to make it by hand. On those occasions I like to have a few packages of high quality, pre-made pastas in my freezer. They're a lifesaver, okay maybe just a dinner saver, but you'll certainly be glad they're in there when you're scrambling to get dinner on the table....more

Entertaining does not need to be crazy stressful

Entertaining does not need to be crazy stressful. Case in point: this past weekend I ended up doing an impromptu lunch on Saturday with friends. Being me, and the crazy schedule that is often my life, I had somehow also booked plans for breakfast out with my small group from church beforehand and then a late afternoon wedding afterwards. Which pretty much left me with 30 minutes to prepare a meal for friends. But hakuna matata!...more