A Month of Breakfast Ends With the Charming "Breakfast for Claire"

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I found jazz guitarist, graphic designer, and breakfast lover Bill Wurtzel in the New York Times just as the Month of Breakfast began -- and I melted. How wonderful is this fellow, who plays with his food to give his wife of nearly 50 years over 400 healthful, and adorable, breakfasts?

Breakfast for Claire cow

Bill told me, "Although Claire and I have been married nearly 50 years, neither of us is sitting in a rocking chair. I'm a busy guitarist on the jazz scene and Claire is on the go as a renowned educator. So the breakfasts are made quickly, spontaneously just as a love gesture in the morning. She's a weight watcher so all the ingredients are healthy." So far, he's made over 400 breakfasts -- and Claire, who is an educator, persuaded him to start taking pictures of them all.

"Recently we thought it would be a good way to help parents and kids learn about nutrition through having fun making these kinds of breakfasts," Bill said.

And so Foody Face was born -- a series of school workshops that Wurtzel founded to fight childhood obesity and teach parents and kids about balanced nutrition using his joyful approach to breakfast. "It’s always about balance," Bill says, quoting Michelle Obama.

Breakfast for Claire cereal mermaid

Bill says, "The results are amazing and we plan to continue. Also will post it on a website for all to share. It will be up soon." And the book, Breakfast for Claire, will be published -- sign up for his mailing list at the Breakfast for Claire website.

Happy Month of Breakfast, everyone! I hope you've had as much fun as I have! And tell me in the comments -- what foodie celebration do you want to see on BlogHer soon? (We've already done pie, cookies, soup, sides, and chocolate … )

All images by Bill Wurtzel, used with permission.


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