A Stack of Breakfast: Happy (Healthy) Pancake Week!

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While IHOP may have declared March 1 National Pancake Day and offered free pancakes for charity and all, Pancake Day is traditionally a moveable feast, taking place on Shrove Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras. And Pancake Week begins the Sunday before Shrove Tuesday. That is, today!

Kalyn touched on the origin of Pancake Day in her Mardi Gras foods post: "Shrove Tuesday is the official name of the day before Ash Wednesday, but many people call it Pancake Day, and pancakes eaten on this day are often more like desserts, a final bit of decadent eating before Lent begins." Kalyn found a couple of really decadent pancake recipes that got me fired up -- and inspired to see what's out there that's decadent ... and maybe a little healthy, too.

Month of Breakfast - Pancakes

But today, I took inspiration from Matt from Wrightfood, and his recipe for gluten-free buckwheat pancakes. As he says:

Buckwheat has this lovely rich brown color, and a very distinctive nutty flavor all to its own. Even though the name might be misleading, it isn’t a wheat and is gluten free (watch out however for cross contamination in fields and processing if you are highly sensitive to gluten).

I love the nutty taste of buckwheat, which can go sweet or savory depending on your mood (very important to sweet-sensitive me). And I love that Matt whipped the egg whites to make these pancakes fluffy. I tried it this morning -- it was easy, and fluffy! The hardest part is having buckwheat flour on hand.

What are your favorite kinds of pancakes? Are you celebrating Pancake Day this week?


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