Happy International Waffle Day!

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Happy Waffle Day! Wait … I mean, happy Vaffledagen, or International Waffle Day! Yes, there are two Waffle Days each year: U.S. Waffle Day is August 24, and International Waffle Day is today.

Why the schism? According to a post on Mr. Breakfast called The Waffle Day Controversy, International Waffle Day is a long-held Swedish tradition celebrating both the announcement of Jesus' birth and the first day of Spring, while U.S. Waffle Day is a marketing holiday celebrating the anniversary of the first application for a waffle iron patent. I see nothing wrong with celebrating both -- come on, they're waffles.

Image by dvortygirl via Flickr

Waffle Information, Tributes and Odes

Healthy Waffles

Savory Waffles

Sweet Waffles

What are your favorite waffles -- Belgian, buttermilk, chicken and? I want to know!


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