Have You Made Homemade Granola? What About Savory Granola?

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It's not normal for me to like granola for breakfast. It's sweet. It's oaty. It's a lot like … cereal. But I'm supposed to be trying new things this month, and I actually like granola as a snack, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. (And while breakfast burritos have magical powers, those powers do not extend to the light and healthy.)


If I'm going to try it, I'm going to try it right -- and make my own this weekend, with inspiration from some BlogHers making their own granola:

Sounds fabulous and healthy to boot. But it's still sweet … so I finally broke down and searched for savory granola. It felt off to even type the phrase, and I was pretty sure Google would return a result like "stop obsessing about savory breakfast, weirdo." But … I'm not alone! Check this out:

  • Erin at Yoga.Food.Art concocted savory granola with nuts, flax seeds, cardamom, Bragg's amino acids and tahini. Hmmm.
  • On the Chowhound.com boards, hounds discussed binders for savory granola and thought egg whites or olive oil might work. They also talked about flavorings that made my mouth water: curry, chili, shallot, porcini powder, freeze-dried veggies.
  • Chef Daniel Humm created a recipe for Provencal granola, with basil, garlic and a little bit of honey, for Saveur.

I'm thinking of making some of this and sprinkling it over leftover veggies or savory grits or maybe plain yogurt for breakfast. (I'd also totally sprinkle it on a salad.) I'll let you know how it goes!

What's your favorite granola -- and your favorite way to eat it?


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