A Month of Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs for a Scrambled Seuss Day

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It's been a scrambled kind of day.

I tried to get fancy with my alarm clock last night and ended up not setting it at all. Meaning, one measly day into A Month of Breakfast -- er, I skipped breakfast.

And the train I usually take into the BlogHer office got switched out with another and scrambled my morning schedule. And something similar happened in the evening. And the usual interesting work things happened in between. All of a sudden it was dinnertime -- and forget about dinner, I hadn't even talked about breakfast yet!

What could do double-duty as a dinner-breakfast? I considered eggs Benedict -- too fussy, too heavy. Pancakes? Not in the mood. Quiche, waffles, biscuits and gravy? Mmmmm, gravy -- I'll make that later, but too time-consuming for a quick dinner.

Fortunately, as with so many things in my life, it was BlogHer to the rescue. I searched for what BlogHer members had made for breakfast and struck gold: Scrambled eggs!

green eggs by Petrr via Flickr
Image by petrr via Flickr

A Bicycle Built for Two recently made some QuarterLifeGirl posted a recipe for scrambled egg quesadillas with chimichurri that looked SO good.

Then I saw this adorable post by StreamDoubleTrouble about Read Across America Day -- aka Seuss Day. It was Dr. Seuss' birthday today, which inspired the Read Across America campaign. She wrote:

Because today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, we’ll have a celebration.
I’ll cook up a dinner in honor of the award winner.
Green Eggs and Ham? You do not like them? Damn.
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Wouldn’t that be an awkward dish?

I had ham in the fridge. I had eggs. I had spinach and cilantro and all the other stuff for chimichurri. And for dinner tonight, I scrambled my eggs with spinach, topped it with some chimichurri and served it up with some ham. Yes, I did, oh Sam-I-Am.


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