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When I'm in the rare mood for a big sweet breakfast, it's almost always basic French toast for me (rather than pancakes or waffles). I'll make it with stale challah or brioche soaked in a vanilla-egg-milk mixture and griddled, and serve it with grade B maple syrup.

But frankly, I'm almost never in this mood. I'm much more likely to make French toast for a crowd for holiday mornings or brunch. In those cases, I want something a little more showy and decadent, full of ripe fruit or melty cheese. Or I'd like a make-ahead recipe that serves a crowd, so I can just heat it up in the morning. Or, ideally, both. That's where stuffed and baked French toast recipes come into the picture.

Stuffed French Toast
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Stuffed French Toast Recipes

Stuffed French toast is dressed to impress. You cut a pocket in a double-wide piece of bread, or take two slices and make a sandwich. Stuff it with melty cheese, or delectable fruit -- or maybe both. Aw, yeah.

Baked: French Toast Casseroles

Baked French toast is the ultimate make-ahead convenience: Throw it in a dish overnight and toss it in the oven in the morning. But that doesn't mean it's not a very, very, very good way to feed a crowd in the morning:

What's your favorite French toast recipe?


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