Month of Movies: Kidman Chases Oscar Down the Rabbit Hole

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Rabbit Hole is one of those movies that I just know is brilliant, and I just know I will absolutely never see. At least, not for a long time. The subject matter alone is enough to send any parent running for the hills in empathetic agony, and -- unlike Rama of, I had no doubt that Aaron Eckhart would be heart-wrenching to watch, but from the buzz in the Oscar-sphere, it's Kidman who gives a revelatory performance as a mother struggling to reclaim her life after the loss of her young son. Here's a quick look at Rama's review:

RABBIT HOLE is a beautiful and moving look at the process of grief. How do you get back from a tragic loss? There’s no easy answer and that’s what RABBIT HOLE is about. It’s therapeutic and deeply affecting. This is Kidman’s best performance since The Hours. Aaron Eckhart is fierce and brilliant. One of the best films of 2010.

Rabbit Hole Nicole Kidman
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To read the rest of what she had to say, check it out at

Have you seen Rabbit Hole? What did you think of the Kidman/Eckhart pairing? And also -- how devastating is it? Do you think I could handle it? I've been known to lose my sh*t over an AT&T commercial.


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