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I hope you brought crackers to this post, because I am about to lay some serious cheese on you. But that's what Valentine's Day is about right? Ooey gooey, lovey dovey, feel good-y-ness? So, since I'm way too big of a film freak to ever narrow it down to one, here are my picks for flicks to curl up with your cutie/cry into your Ben and Jerry's to come Monday night (or sooner -- who needs to wait for Valentine's day for a snuggle/sob?)

Before I get started, let's address the elephant in the room -- I have not seen Valentine's Day, last year's lovers tentpole, so I have no idea if it should be on this list. If you saw it, I encourage you to weigh in down in the comments.

Playing By Heart: Early early early Angelina Jolie -- this romantic favorite of my high school self (and who am I kidding, my adult self, too) features an ensemble cast which includes pre-Daily Show Jon Stewart, Sean Connery, Ryan Phillipe, and Gillian well as the Stahl House, which is by far one of LA's greatest bits of architecture.

Say Anything: It immortalized "In Your Eyes" as THE love anthem of the day, and my heart skips a beat at just the thought of John Cusack holding that boom box.

John Cusack Say Anything

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Music From Another Room: It stars a young Jude Law and Gretchen Mol, with hilarious supporting turns by Jeremy Piven, Jane Adams, and Brenda Blythyn. Not the most famous movie ever, but one of my favorites.

Love, Actually: Okay, so I left this off of my Best Movies Ever list, and my best friend called me out on it. It is really good. I kind of wish the whole movie was about Colin Firth and his love-across-language barriers, but I'll take the Hugh Grant breaks, since you're twisting my arm, Richard Curtis. Speaking of Richard Curtis, let's give him a round of virtual applause for being one of the greatest voices in Romantic Comedy since Billy Wilder -- Four Weddings and a Funeral would totally be on this list if it didn't have...y'know...a funeral in it, and then there's Notting Hill, and Bridget Jones -- both of which are killer love-fests.

When Harry Met Sally: If you're in love with your best friend and don't know how to tell them? Play them this movie.

The Apartment: From the aforementioned Billy Wilder, this oddly dark, yet still charming classic stars a cute-as-a-button Shirley Maclaine, and a lovably nervous Jack Lemmon. You'll fall in love with watching them fall in love.

Sleepless in Seattle: It's a classic. C'mon. Such a good movie.

Benny and Joon: A really really non-traditional love story. But a love story all the same.

Armaggeddon: Don't judge me. I think Armaggeddon is just one of the most enjoyable movies ever. It's got a little bit of everything. Including the romance. Even if it does involve animal crackers.

The Notebook: Man, this movie made me want to jump some bones. Luckily my husband was the first guy I saw.

Dirty Dancing: What is more romantic than the epic tale of Baby and Johnny? Also, built-in drinking game to set the mood.

I know you guys are probably squirming and freaking out about all the glaringly obvious GREATEST LOVE STORY OF ALL TIME that I left off this list. So it's your turn -- tell me, what movies will you be curling up with this weekend?


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