A Month of Pumpkins

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When thinking about fun topics to blog about in October, Halloween is not at the top of my list. (Neither is my birthday but that's another story.) I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I love kids in costumes, no matter how old they are. I even love big kids who half-heartedly dress in costume and come to the door begging for candy. I don't love having the dog bark all night long and I don't love stressing out over having too little candy or too much candy. Having crossed that idea off of my list, the most obvious topic in the world popped into my head: Pumpkins.

I love pumpkins. In fact I love almost everything about pumpkins. I don't even really mind the mess involved with pumpkin carving. That's saying something because I don't like messes - I'm the one who has to clean them up. My love for pumpkins cannot be contained in only one post, it will take me an entire month of pumpkin posts but I'm going to need your help.

I need you to share your favorite pumpkin stories, photos, recipes and experiences with me or else I'll feel like some freak being the only one waxing poetic about pumpkins. Please. Pretty please with those tiny pumpkin candies on top? Post your links in comments, email them to me if you must. Twitter them to me or leave them on my Facebook wall. If you send them, I will blog them - along with my own stories and together we won't feel quite so freaky in our appreciation of the great pumpkin.

Michelle Carving Pumpkin - 2005

Flamingo House Happenings


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