A Beautiful, Disgusting, Delicious Mess

Have you had the pleasure of eating poutine?  It is a culinary concoction of disgusting proportions, combining unlikely foods into a swirling mass of unexplainable deliciousness.  It is not unlike the Elvis favored invention of peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  You shouldn’t like it. You don’t want to like it.  It is a carbohydrate infused diet disaster. You cannot resist....more

Meet the Beetles!

“Look out for the lions!” my students cheerfully screamed the day I left for Africa. I was a proctor in a university dorm and my students seemed awfully optimistic about my chances of encountering a man-eating beast....more

Montreal Magic

Eye Am A Reality TV Star Premised On Realty

This post is a memory; in these past few days too much food has been flowing and for those who can't imagine such a thing as too much food...it is not a myth.  It is indeed possible for there to be too much food consumed and cooked and heated and re-heated and boxed and paper-bagged and freezer-bagged so this post is all aboutMY TELEVISION SHOW... ...more

Exclusive visit of the Danone Headquarters in Quebec

On August 16th 2011, about 14 food bloggers went on a very special journey. Seated comfortably in a luxury bus we enjoyed catching up since our last crossing at past events as we we driven to the Danone Headquarters located in Boucherville, about a 30 min ride outside of Montreal....more

Bring Montreal Street Food Back

Many food bloggers are trying to get Montreal to reconsider its ban on Street Food and if you would take the time to fill out the petition at either of two places, without any needed donations, please do so.  If you are not a Montrealer but intend to ever visit you have an automatic vested interest so please feel free. Facebook Petition Montreal City Petition...more

East meets West Arancini

Arancini is an Italian specialty, from Sicily to be precise, dating back to around the 10th century. The word Arancini actually means “little orange” as the traditional fried rice ball are very round and resemble small oranges. You will find many recipes online giving you the supposed original version but as any Italian family can attest, every Italian mother or grandmother has her own secret recipe....more

Missing Child Remembered

It was a beautiful crisp spring day a dozen years ago, April 1999, when a young girl named Jolene Riendeau went to the corner store in her neighbourhood, just six blocks from her home in a busy corner of Montreal. Rene Riendeau had given his 10-year-old daughter permission and $2 to walk to the store. Twelve long, painful and exhausting years, hundreds of searches, calls and tips, and millions of posters later, police in Montreal announced yesterday that they have found Jolene's body. A heart-wrenching ending to a heartbreaking story. ...more
What a tragic ending.  I am glad they have found her and have someone in custody.  I can't image ...more

Clean Slate part 1

There is something to be said for leaving it all behind. Four years ago, I packed up a truck, stuffed my Mazda Protege and set out on the road to move to Nova Scotia. It was during the last World Cup that I made my move. It was harder than I thought. I had a good life in Montreal – a great apartment, a great career in the film industry, and a best friend. But it wasn’t, well, right. The city was getting too big, the people too unfriendly, life was just too fast. ...more