Monumental Tasks


My table paralyzed from my procrastination of one silly taskHave you ever noticed how the things you most want to get done are the ones that you keep putting off?

I had some projects that I hadn't finished from earlier in the year that I wanted done. I wanted a sense of completion so I could put things away. Way back on the second day of April I shared my April to-do list on BlogHer Denise's blog:

Some of the projects were definitely critical: My computer was limping along, woefully overloaded with photos, operating with an antique operating system, old school RAM amounts, and without being backed up. I addressed those issues over the course of the month, but am still not finished. I didn't have a small enough screwdriver to replace the RAM that arrived yesterday in the mail so tomorrow I will borrow one from a friend. And THEN I will be able to tackle another project on the To-Do list which is to update our family's photo sharing blog and family blog which is for our relatives.

Some projects were not so critical: Our Christmas cards (Not for this upcoming year). These are our cards from last December - four months ago. If we had never started them then I'd be inclined to let things slide as we have in past years, but this year, we had our little photo insert thing completed way back in December. We just didn't get it printed up. And then we had to order ink and then we had to order more ink and then we had to print them and....Now it's April. We completed most of them last month, but there were some on my side of the desk that I just kept putting off.

And in my head, the pile of cards still to write took on momentous proportions that would require hours and hours and hours and deep loving concentration and glasses of wine and mugs of coffee and richly flowing words and.....I lost all perspective.

Except that I didn't. I knew the task wasn't that big and that I would feel better once it was completed. I knew that this albatross that visited every to-do list of mine would not go away until I just did them. I also knew that I did not want to just wipe my hands of the task. I wanted to complete it. I wanted to stand up to the task that was threatening to defeat me.

Well today, after months and months of fretting, I sat down and completed them. And it really wasn't so bad.

And now I am feeling that lightness that comes with spring cleaning and fresh sheets and de-cluttered homes.

Our home is still cluttered, but not with our belated wishes of holiday good cheer.

And with that task that seemed so MONUMENTAL out of the way, everything else is easier. And the kids? The kids had a great day today helping assist me in all the cleaning I had to get out of the way before I had nothing left on the to-do list EXCEPT the dang Christmas cards. 


Sharking the floor

 The table after we'd completed everything on the cleaning list except the cards

And my lesson learned? That sometimes the things we resist the most are really far easier to tackle once we just sit down and work through them.

They discovered the skis and camp chairsSitting in sleds reading in the Alaskan sun


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