Moon Transits for the Weekend – Fierce Aries to Steady Taurus

A snap, crackle and pop Aries Moon will spread its Mars influenced energy Friday, February 24, 2012.  Make sure you have something physical to do. Keep recklessness to a minimum – only get close enough to the edge to stave off boredom. Play nice. Leave the flamethrower in the closet. (Kind of hard to walk back that type of conflagration no matter how many times you say”Sorry, my bad”.)

Just in time for Sunday brunch, the Moon settles into security minded, comfort loving, determined Taurus. This Earth sign is ruled by sensual Venus, so along with a financial review, there will be romantic and luxe tendencies. Have a Mimosa while counting your cash. Take care of yourself and loved ones.

Have a beautiful weekend!

According To Sandy!