A More Affordable Way to Manage Your Business’s IT Support.

Is IT becoming too costly for the small or medium size businesses? Now there is a new solution for businesses and IT pros alike that will increase their productivity while reducing IT costs. DotComGuy has taken the MSP software as a service model that was only affordable to the Fortune 1000+ companies and re-engineered it for the small to medium size business consumers.

By Jim Pascucci

Ever since computers exploded onto the business scene, businesses would utilize the old “Break and Fix” solution to manage their IT support, which means that they would “wait” until the network “broke” and then they would call up their IT professional to come and “fix” it.  The sad truth is that this is no solution at all and employee downtime with higher on-site repairs costs businesses hundreds of millions each year.

A Solution for Businesses and IT Pros


Within the last ten to fifteen years, enterprise level businesses have been using what is commonly referred to in the IT support world as “Managed Services” or MSP.  MSP utilizes a highly specialized Monitoring and Optimizing software that essentially provides business consumers with 24/7 monitoring of their entire computer network, integrates automated maintenance, software updates, performance monitoring, log checks, alarm notifications and remote access for quick and efficient remediation.  This PRO-active approach enables IT professionals to remediate issues before they become full blown problems saving businesses on expensive employee downtime and costly on-site repairs.

The saturation rate for this MSP software has been about eight to ten percent worldwide, basically reserved only for the most successful businesses because of its high monthly cost ranging into the hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on how many computers a particular business may have.  MSP fees typically range anywhere from $40 to $80 per computer per month.

DotComGuy.com has just engineered a new and very cost efficient Software as a Service called the DOTCOMinator that provides the same MSP Monitoring and optimization of the ultra expensive MSP software but for a small fraction of the price.  The DOTCOMinator is also a very convenient aggregation of maintenance tools for the IT professional designed to save him time & money that can be passed onto the business consumer.  If a business has their own in-house IT pro they can access the DOTCOMinator for just $3 per computer per month, if the business needs to utilize an outside technician the price starts at just $6 per computer per month.

DotComGuy also offers a free Q and A Help Desk at www.askdotcomguy.com for all business customers that are using the DOTCOMinator, saving those businesses even more money.

More information on the DOTCOMinator can be found at www.dotcomguy.com or www.dotcominator.com.

DotComGuyJim Pascucci, CEO & Founder of DotComGuy “2.0″, has been an award-winning top producing real estate broker for the last 30 years, before applying his talents and energy to technology. As owner of the DotComGuy brand and intellectual property, Jim has put together a team of technology engineers to create a new, cost efficient MSP software as a service that small to medium sized businesses could benefit from in these challenging economic times.
Visit the DotComGuy’s website at www.dotcomguy.com


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