More That An Artist's Way

What is the meaning of a love/hate relationship with your chosen work? If you're a writer, like every other artist I've ever known, you cannot put away your creative impulses.

If you're not allowed to write, you might take up some other form of creative design that allows you to paint pictures--i.e. photography, music, cooking, crafting, sewing, etc. Creativity must be released. The consequences of not releasing those impulses are not to be contemplated.

I've known artists who worked in homemade mediums because they could not buy materials such as clay or paints. Others were forbidden by culture or family circumstances to express themselves through art forms. Instead, some turned to creating magnificent pastries, cakes, meals beyond compare in the average home. Others turned to designing clothing for their own children and sewing those designs. Avid knitters and crocheters use their needles and their artistic drives to design and produce items of loveliness and utility.

What makes us artists isn't the medium we choose to use as our expressive agent, but rather, the fact that we can't prevent ourselves from creating something, if only a tune hummed for ourselves.

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