More Autumn and Thanksgiving Day Kids Crafts

Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. Families will be spending time together and enjoying this beautiful weather. Here are some fun ideas the kids can try to either decorate the house, or make creations to share with friends and family.

Leaf Rubbings

Take advantage of the fallen leaves on the ground. Have your children pick out six to ten different leaves of various shapes and colours. Bring them inside and dry them off if wet. Place a sheet of paper (thin paper like tracing paper works great) on top of the leaf and set out crayons of various colours for your child. Have them gently rub their crayon over the leaf creating a leaf rubbing.

Reverse Leaf Rubbing

An alternative to the leaf rubbings is to place the leaf on top of the paper and have the child rub with crayons on top of the leaf. It will create a picture with the outline of the leaves. Similar to what I have shown below.

Parent Tips:

  • If you peel away the crayon wrapper and have the child use the side of the crayon instead of the tip, the rubbing will be easier to do.
  • In addition to crayons, chalk pastels and charcoal pencils work great. For older children charcoal is a wonderful medium to use.
  • These days, you can get crayons, pastels and most anything children can write or scribble with in washable form.
  • Once complete, the picture can be framed and given as a gift to family members, or hung up in your child’s bedroom.

Fallen Leaves Window Hanging

In my previous article, “Fall Fun in Ontario”, I included instructions on making a Fallen Leaves Window Hanging. The time is great for this activity as you can find a lot of leaves on the ground.

Fallen Leaves Wind Chime

A variation on the above window hanging is to create a set of wind chimes with the fallen leaves. Follow the instructions on making the window hanging with fallen leaves. Purchase some small bells from the craft store (not bigger than 2 cm in diameter). You could also purchase any beads that jingle. Cut 3 threads in varying lengths of 5 inches, 3 inches, and 2 inches. Tie the bells or beads to each piece of thread. Using a single hole punch, make three holes near the bottom of the window hanging (through the wax paper). Tie the threads around each hole and you’re done! You can hang the Fallen Leaves Window Chime in a window and let the breeze make it jingle.

Turkey Crown

This craft is suitable for young preschoolers, between the ages of 3 to 5-years old. Older than that the child may not be interested in making a crown to wear.

What You Will Need:

  • Orange, yellow, red and brown construction paper
  • Some red tissue paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Feathers – optional
  • One googly eye (can find at craft stores or dollar store)

The next few steps need to be done in advance by an adult. Cut two long strips of the brown paper two inches thick. Staple the strips together. Call your child over and wrap the strip of paper around their head forming a crown. Mark the spot where they join with a marker. Take it off your child’s head. Cut a number of triangles in different colours. Cut out a turkey head with the head and the beak. Have your child glue on the googly eye for the turkey on the head and draw or colour the beak. Then using the red tissue paper your child can create the turkey’s wattle (the red thing that hangs under a turkey’s chin) and glue it on. Using glue, attach the turkey head to the crown. All around the crown your child can attach the feathers and colourful triangles to represent the turkey’s body. Staple the crown where you marked it for your child's head. You’re done!


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