More on cancer grief: letting go, being in the "flow"

I can't begin to describe how amazing my life has become in such a short time. The death of my brother, while hard, has lead to incredible things manifesting in my life.


Truth be told, I forgot to mention in my last post that I felt a lot of loneliness this last week. It was that familiar old "woe is me" despair from the last two years. I'd often feel it after returning from a visit with my mom or my brother.  It was me trying to fill a "god-sized hole" with another person, to take the emptiness & loss away.


After a couple days, I realized this, and took steps to get my mind out of that whirlpool, primarily by attending 12-step meetings. It worked, as it always does.


Meanwhile, yesterday was my best running day in 2 years! Or even ever!!


I increased the Cleveland Cascade stairs from 4 laps to 6, with jumping 2-steps on every other lap. Then, I ran up the Merritt Ave. hill _four_ times!  Previously I could only do 2 laps. I didn't have to wait as long to recover in between hill laps, and my stamina lasted longer for more of the run up. In 2 weeks time, my body has improved drastically. Mountains - here I come!


But the _best_ was today: 


1) Went on a fabulous hike with my mountaineering pals, & got amazing new good advice on the trip. Plus no rain, spectacular views of the ocean from our Santa Cruz mountain trail, and abundant laughter.


2) THEN - I met a lady who answered my ad for needing a housesitter. We talked for an hour & a half because of the amazing serendipity of our lives. She is also getting back into outdoor life with climbing, skiing, and back country stuff. She is _also_ an aspiring writer. AND! She _also_ wants to do a project where she travels a long distance & interviews people for a book...JUST LIKE I'M DOING. We nearly fell off our chairs at the amazing connection. She turned me on to, a place to meet locals while traveling- JUST the thing I need for my trip, as well as, the last 2 months of my time in the bay. Unbelievable.


But it gets better...


3) I just saw in my mailbox a letter from my new neighbors across the driveway. They rented the apartment my old roommate & I recently vacated. (I now live in the building next door). I told them about still getting mail there, & where to stick it. The letter contained my _driver's license_ that I dropped JUST THE DAY BEFORE, while on my run up & down the stairs!!!  Can you believe it?  I was so heartbroken that I dropped it, and spent 45 minutes retracing my run, scanning the ground like a mad fool. 


Blessings to the angel who returned my ID. 

Blessings to my new neighbors who stuck it in my mailbox.

Blessings to the housesitting lady who turned me on to the couch surfing community.

Blessings to the three ladies who creatively collaborated with my project while sharing great times in the woods.

Blessings to the heavens for sparing us rain for 6 glorious hours.

Blessings to the cop who didn't stop me while speeding to get on the San Mateo bridge this morning.

Blessings to my old neighbor for inspiring me to step into the universal flow.

Blessings to all people who make this eclectic, incredible, amazing, hectic, beautiful world a place to enjoy!


Onward ho's! (Our new Girl Power Shasta Extravaganza lead-off!)




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