More Counter Space… the Easy Way!

Here’s how to get a little bit more kitchen real estate without going through a massive renovation: Dexas' Over-The-Sink Strainer Grippboard®.


This 22-inch sturdy cutting board has non-slip handles that grip the surface to keep the board securely in place over your sink. This means you’ve instantly got almost 2-feet of additional counter space to slice, dice, mince and chop that you didn’t have before.

I really like Dexas' Over-The-Sink Strainer Grippboard® because it has a removable silicone strainer basket that makes it even more convenient to wash and strain fresh fruits and veggies. And the strainer expands to an amazing  2½-quart capacity so you drain hot pasta or vegetables, like steamed spinach.

The board is made of non-porous and odor-resisting poly board, so it won’t dull your knives (I loathe  dull knives!). And when you’re finished... it folds flat for storage. How’s that for efficiency?

Click here to order, or find Dexas' Over-The-Sink Strainer Grippboard® at Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, The Container Store, Williams-Sonoma, Macy's Dillard's and Sur la Table. Check out Dexas' website.  They design all kinds of incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets as well as specialty products that will really stimulate your culinary creativity (as well as help you eat healthier!). Oh… and they've got some pretty great pet products, too!


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