More Details About the VanBlogHer (and Him) meetup

So, we're going to go with June 13th and make sure that it's a kid-friendly (and hopefully outdoor) event.

Things I'll need to know:


  • Is somewhere in downtown central enough for most everyone? 
  • What can everyone bring?

Depending on the time, we'll adjust what sort of yummies we'll want to have.  Start thinking about what you like to make (or buy) the best and we'll get to that soon.  Think drinks, foods that don't require silverware, and chocolate please god in heaven chocolate. ;)

  • Does anyone have naptime to take into consideration when I arrange a time and place?  
  • And the biggie:

Some of us (me *ahem*) are insane freaks about having our children's information on the internet.  In doing this, we're going to be learning each other's kids names and I'll assume many of us (me also *ahem*) will take a picture or 80.  What I'll need from you all is this.... If you do NOT want you or your children's name or photographs used publicly by others, PLEASE leave your name in the comments.  Like me; you can plaster pictures to kingdom come of my kids, but if you say their names, I'll hunt you down. Once we have this information, I can get a place arranged and we can go from there.  Can someone more Twitter savvy than me think of a clever hashtag we can use on there for updates? And please, feel free to spread the word to anyone you know who might enjoy coming.  Poor Raul is going to be the only dude unless we do something. :) 



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