More Father Day Ideas.. for Dads who like to eat more that cook!

Although my Dad is a pretty good cook, Mom is the reigning chef of the household. She's pretty much an unpaid professional! But there are definately a few staple foods that my Dad could eat everyday for the rest of his life like spaghetti, fish and salsa.

So this year for Father's Day I bought him a cute little book with about 50 different salsa receipies.. seperated into catagories like beens, corn, vegies, exotic, etc. Now there is no way on earth Dad is going to go to store, buy the ingredients, then spend 15 min making some salsa, so what I'm doing is picking out 4 or 5 that he would really love and making them in advance. So on Father's Day he can look at his salsa book, and other gifts while eating a buffet of spicy salsa and tortilla chips!

I know how hard it can be to buy something for the Father who seems to have 5 of everything, but maybe my idea will spark some creativity in you as you get ready for Dad Day!

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