More Than Just Work: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Studies show that stress is a killer. Finding work life balance can be hard. When you start a business, stress is inevitable... right?

Maybe.  Maybe not. Stress doesn't have to be a part of the package. You can find some balance but you've got to start from the beginning. Make it a priority for you and your business right from the start.

Start At The Beginning

If you want to be stress-free (sorta), start at the beginning. It is my opinion, that in order to really be stress free when it comes to creating a business and working from home, it is mandatory that you start from the very beginning. That you learn how to setup the foundation of your business and find that work life balance so that your business fits into your life instead of the other way around. The goal is to create something that compliments your life.  That supplements your life.  That fits into what you already have. To me, that is how you truly find that work life balance that so many desire.

A Question That Creates Work/Life Balance

It's one tiny question.  Not even a lot of words but I found that it's made all the difference in my business. The million dollar question is this.......................

What Do You Want From Your Business?

Sometimes we overlook simplicity because it's too obvious.  But that doesn't mean that we aren't on the right track. So ask yourself, what DO you want from your business?  What do you expect?

work life balance

Work Life Balance: What Do YOU Want From Your Business?

Why Did You Start It Anyway?

The Big Picture

When you can answer this question, the big picture will start to take shape. When you answer this question, it's inevitable that more questions will start forming in your mind... and probably lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole, a la Alice in Wonderland. But don't resist it.  Give yourself the time to explore this rabbit hole. It may seem frivolous but it's important to your work life balance later. And the ultimate success of your business.

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