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Times are tough for a lot of people I know... we are part of that group.  I've always said the key to happiness is gratefullness.  Everyday I wake up and try to face each day with optimisim. 

It all starts with the parents you know.  I don't believe we should let our kids know just how much is on the line.... just how bad things are getting.

Changes are coming.  I know of some (one son will be moving out the other will be driving on his own).  Some changes .... I have no idea what's coming - just how much will we lose?... our home?

Who's to know.  Maybe you are in the same boat.  Misery loves company but optimisim helps you move forward.  Join me as I face all these obsticles... marriage, an adult child, another heading that way too, obesity, Lap-Band, finacial difficulties.... on and on and on.

More Milestones
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