More proof that the adult brain is just as able to learn new things as younger brains

It's coming right from the horse's (scientist's) mouth: "... the brain can be just as malleable in an adult as it is when you are a child or an adolescent." - Alex Schelgel, brain researcher and author of a research paper published in the August 2012 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Schelgel came to this conclusion after using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to study the brains of 27 Dartmouth students while they were enrolled in a 9-month Chinese language course. He wanted to show that white matter could change - even in adults - as a result of a long-term learning process. Using DTI, Schelgel was able to track the communication pathways of the brain and show that there was white matter myelination - an actual change in the structure of the brain.

These results could help not only create new models of learning, but also potential interventions for things like TBI and stroke.

Here's the summary:


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