More Wellness In My Life (Gym Update #11)

It's Friday once again and I'm talking about changes I'm making in my life towards more wellness. As you may have noticed, I changed the title of the post. I just think it's a more fitting title. After all, it's not just about going to the gym. It's not just about physical fitness, it's also about lifestyle changes or improvements. It's about overall wellness and how I'm working to achieve more of it in my life.

So, this week nothing's new. In fact, over the last week a bunch of old has happened, meaning that I haven't kept up with a few things or am suffering from reactions to things I have ingested. First, we're out of protein powder and forgot to get some last weekend. In case you're unaware, we've been spending quite a bit of time finding a new place to live and would like to live in a house. That's one thing that took up much of the holiday weekend for us. Nonetheless, looking over at the jugs of water we have, it seems I haven't been drinking much water.

water, water jug

Over the weekend, Baby Boy and I also attended a baptism and baptismal party for a friend of mine and her newest little one. During these events, I ate cookies, cake, breads, and crackers. So much sugar and wheat/flour in all that. Oh, and I had a cup or two of juice, tea, and lemonade. All of these things were good, but the effect on my body, not so good. Besides all this, my intake of chia or hemp seeds is way way down.

Though these things have never proven to be too full of side effects for me in the past, I really do notice quite a difference in the improvement (or lack thereof) of my eczema. This week it's been a bit worse than over the last few weeks. I'm even boasting a bit of a spread up my arms, too. So, what does this mean.

Well, for me it means the sugar and flour really are things that would be helpful to mostly avoid. Obviously, it also means the regimen of chia and hemp seeds needs to continue. So, after last weekend I've paid more attention to how much of these things I'm taking in. At home, I'm still having yogurt, kefir, and creamed milk. We're still eating only meat and vegetables at dinner. Lunch for Baby Boy and I have been a bit off this week, but we're making do. Oh, and we have more coconut oil on the way, so I'll get more lauric acid, too!

This weekend when we go to the farmer's market and grocer, we'll get more healthy meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, kefir, and creamed milk. We have a birthday party for my niece to attend on Saturday and I'm not sure what they're serving, but I'll avoid the cake. credit

And, in case you're wondering, no I haven't been to the gym. Yes, that bothers me a bit, but as I said, we're pretty focused on finding a new place to live. I know I'll get back there, unfortunately it's just not right now. Once we move, things should be slightly more settled and I'll be able to return to a regular gym schedule. Until then, I'm happy with just working on the other improvements towards better wellness!

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