More Wellness In My Life (Gym Update #12)

It's Friday once again and I'm talking about changes I'm making in my life towards more wellness. After all, it's not just about going to the gym. It's not just about physical fitness, it's also about lifestyle changes or improvements. It's about overall wellness and how I'm working to achieve more of it in my life.

So, I skipped last week as I was unexpectedly out of town dealing with my dad in the hospital again. Thankfully, this wasn't as serious of an event and he was released pretty quickly. Last week though, my diet was off, my sleeping was off, and I'd bought a lotion that seemed like it would have been ok for my eczema, which proved NOT to be!

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So, this week, despite being out of town again for 2 days (dad had a medical school consultation appointment), I think I'm doing alright. That lotion I mentioned. It made my eczema worse! Yes, terribly worse. My hands have cracks all over, they were both so red and inflamed, I could barely wear my ring. Plus, they were hurting, that stinging hurt that comes when you have inflamed, open, cracked skin. Suffice to say, I've been pretty uncomfortable. I mean my hands are so bad, I had to resort to wearing gloves again. In fact, they've been on all week. As I sit here typing, they're on. Cooking and food prep has been interesting, since I need un-gloved hands and water, but I've gotten through it.

I did find this completely and totally all natural oil based remedy and some moisturizer I can use. I want to keep checking it out before I write a review or anything on it. So far though, it's been working quite well. I use the oil based cream more than the moisturizer right now, because there's no water in it. For anyone with eczema, water is not your friend, especially in a moisturizer.

Nonetheless, I've also had somewhat of an opportunity to clean up my diet from last week. We're still on no sugars, breads, pastas, rice, or potatoes at our house. Of course, last week I had plenty of bread, fried foods, and sugar, though my mom (who cooked dinner each night) did a great job of accommodating me the best she could (this is a huge improvement for her)! I give her much kudos, as she freely fed Baby Boy and I lunches and dinners. Despite this, being away from home for a day and a half didn't prove well on the food front. Still, I'm doing the best I can right now.

Things will be calmer next week, as we have no other out of town things going on. But, as I type that I know we're trying to plan a visit with Hun's family soon, which means a road trip and not the best food choices again! Nonetheless, we'll keep plugging at it and I'll keep you apprised of my progress as usual.

I did notice recently that what appeared like it would become eczema on Baby Boy's chest and abdomen seems to have gone completely away! I don't know when it disappeared, but Hun noticed too. You have no idea how this pleases my heart. Ever since his birth and he had those spots that were lighter, a bit drier, and looked bumpy have haunted me. I just want for none of our children to suffer with eczema as I have.

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What's been your wellness journey? Are you making any lifestyle changes towards wellness? What are some things that work for you?

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