More Wonderful BlogHer '14 Keynote Additions: Isabel Kallman, Kara Swisher, Nellie Bowles and Teneshia Jackson-Warner

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The hits keep coming. Or, in this case, the awesome speakers do. I have four great additions to share with you today:

Pathfinder Day Keynote Speakers:

BlogHer '14 Pathfinder keynote speakers

I'm pleased to announce the two keynote speakers who will help anchor all of the hard work our Pathfinder Day attendees will be doing on Thursday, July 24. Twice during the day, we bring all of the Paths together. We know that whether you are seeking to build a business, build a media company, get a book published, enact social change, or become an awesome photographer, you will find these women inspiring:

Teneshia Jackson-Warner will kick off Pathfinder Day examining the roles that passion, perseverance, and personal ethos have played in her success. Starting her career under the mentorship of mogul Russell Simmons, Teneshia has gone on to lead her own award-winning consulting firm and authored a book with a title that says it all: Profit with Purpose. Teneshia is dreamer and a doer, and she should jump-start the day!

Then at lunch, I have the great pleasure of sitting down to interview the original AlphaMom, Isabel Kallman, about her journey. It has been a path with twists and turns, with moments of thrilling acceleration and mindful putting-on of the brakes. You may know Isabel as AlphaMom, but I guarantee you probably don't know her whole story. And that story will inspire you to think differently about success, and your definition of it.

The Future of the Social Web Keynote Interviewers:

BlogHer '14 Future of the Social Web Interviewers

It's hard to believe there's more to add to a morning keynote that includes Guy Kawasaki interviewing Arianna Huffington, but we've lined up two journalists from Re/code to interview Twitter's Melissa Barnes and eBay's Richelle Parham.

Kara Swisher is a legendary Silicon Valley tech journalist. She built first AllThingsD and now Re/code with her co-CEO and co-executive editor, Walt Mossberg. Kara will be interviewing Melissa about her work with brands, and how we, as independent publishers, can apply those lessons to their own work.

Nellie Bowles focuses on tech culture for Re/code, making her the perfect person to interview Richelle about her work to empower the small business owner via e-commerce, as well her perspectives on leadership (especially on behalf of women and girls).

BlogHer is only two short weeks away...but you still have time to register and see these four accomplished women join the rest of our remarkably impressive and diverse speaking roster to deliver information, inspiration, and insight!

Who are *you* most excited to hear from?

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